Leaders in Military Technology



CIC has become the center of excellence in the supply of avionics, aviation support services, spare parts and modernizatin of aircraft.  The companyís engineers have developed an outstanding computer-aided data bank, constantly being up-graded, that has sourced the most

economical equipment, while meeting the industry standards and provides for the most expeditious delivery possible.  The companyís strong marketing, technical and management staff is a leading supplier of jet engines, power plant and electronic accessories, fuel systems, hydraulics, headup displays, airframes, avionics, instruments, control systems and escape equipment.

The firms international telecommunications network, availability of world-wide overhaul facilities and access to spare parts for most all types of military aircraft results in a reliable and economical single source entity to service customer needs.  CIC has also designed a technical program designed to assist emerging nations with their growing military aviation needs.  The program is geared to provide planning and equipping of facilities as well as training of personnel, systems and maintenance evaluation, technical support following completion of training programs and assignment of technical representatives for duty assignments.

CIC has been a forerunner in the application of software filters that prioritize information to match the current task, with capability to alter in flight.  As an example helicopter traffic can be eliminated from the battlefield display if the pilot is operating at higher altitudes where conflicts with rotorcraft are unlikely.  The company expertise in integrating helmet mounted displays, 3D voice messaging, synthetic aperture radar, moving- target indicator modes, and imaging radar display depicting 3D targets from the pilotís perspective, has served to assist airforces throughout the world.

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