Leaders in Military Technology



CIC Communications Company is a division of CIC International Ltd and has a complement of leading technicians geared to providing the latest advances to the battlefield. The emergence of digital electronics has revolutionized the performance of all units from the soldier to the commanding general. Advances in miniaturization

have resulted in smaller, lighter tactical radios.  HF radio operations are benefiting from adaptive algorithms that automatically select the best channel for transmission.  Built-in encryption and frequency hopping capabilities are essential.  Higher data rates are necessary to support the battlefield conditions of the future.  Tactical Internet is now a reality for HF users.  CIC Communications Company is uniquely postured to service its customers with all the emerging and proven communications and electronic technologies.  The firm has acted as contractors and consultants for tailored C4 systems.

The company has a high profile in digitization of the battle space, postured to significantly enhance the command, control and communications links within an armed force as a means to improving combat power.  In coping with the large expense required, CIC Communications Company has developed economical approaches, which at the same time protect the integrity of the systems.  Investing in digitization enables current assets to be utilized more efficiently.  The company digitization capabilities improve the reaction/ response times and improve the ability of the combat power to be used at the right place at the right time.  CICís systems permit the use of less battlefield equipment to achieve the right effectiveness.  The firm has been instrumental in providing digitization, which has resulted in efficiency and savings by reducing spending on expensive combat hardware while maintaining combat power.

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