Global Sales

Leaders in Military Technology


CIC transacts business with defense establishments in 76 countries.  In some countries the company maintains its own offices and in other it maintains a staff member or enjoys a partnership with leading local firms engaged in defense industry applications.  CIC also acts as a prime contractor in support of agencies of the U.S. Government in the supply of munitions items to the export market.  Several Types of ammunition stocks are maintained for rapid response to customer emergency needs.

The company is committed to providing the best value to its military customers - from project conception through delivery and after-sale support.  The objective is to provide innovative solutions, quality and affordability.  CICís engineering capability has distinguished the company as an international leader in defense technology.

Developing requirements for offset and similar compensation elements as a condition of contractual awards has placed the company in a unique position by virtue of its versatile marketing experience.  CICís international trading operations coupled with its technology packages has resulted in a compliance position unmatched in the industry.

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