Leaders in Military Technology



CIC is a supplier of combat, utility and rescue helicopters and custom configures the units to meet customer needs.  Avionics are designed and integrated to provide the leading systems available to

military planners.  The company provides superior communications, guidance systems and components.  Machine gun pods are supplied that provide suppressive and defensive fire against troops, armored vehicles, ignition of fuel tanks, containers and aerial threat suppression effectively at extended ranges.  The company supplies airborne thermal imaging systems, incorporating second generation focal-plane array detectors, thereby resulting in greatly improved range performance over the ordinary first generation linear array detectors and offers unparalleled solutions to helicopter mission requirements.  The head-up displays and night vision goggle systems the company integrates light up the sky at night and supplies all the vital information for easy glance by the pilot and gunner.  Missions can be conducted in complete darkness with exacting precision.  The company can equip helicopters with self-protection systems that detect, identify and analyze threats instantaneously alerting the crew and activating a formidable combination of countermeasures. The company has been a major supplier of the 2.75 inch Hydra 70 family of rockets as well as components.  Additionally, CIC supplies wire guided ordnance such as TOW and HOT as well as laser-guided missiles.  Chaff and infrared decoy flares are supplied that will utilize space efficiently and optimize their effectiveness.  The company provides GPS units that can obtain a stabilized fix in less than five seconds.

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