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In addition to developing unique high quality munitions, CIC supplies a full range of standard munitions and related components.  The product line includes fuses, projectiles, primers, boosters, detonators, igniters, percussion elements, high explosives, propellants, cartridge cases, anti-aircraft ammunition, howitzer ammunition, mines, bombs, tank ammunition, grenades, penetrators and rockets.  CIC produces a wide variety of projectile metal parts and also sub-contracts with qualified manufacturers.  The company is also engaged in projects to modernize ammunition production facilities.  Personnel and technical resources are available to establish more efficient production lines, while at the same time resulting in the ability to produce additional munitions efficiently.


The company's developments in the area of mechanization serves to perform a multitude of functions through advanced automated equipment and systems. The improved mechanization results in improved product quality and reliability by reducing human error.  Costs are significantly reduced through increased productivity -fewer operators to produce more goods.  CIC is able to offer its plant modernization technology to producers of munitions throughout the world.  Procedures and training can be provided to cover the areas of quality control, procurement procedures, safety, technology adherence, inspection and material handling.

The company techniques in the smaller calibers concentrates on the supply of ammunition drawn from brass that will stand frequent reloading, primers that ignite powder evenly and dependably under difficult conditions and bullets made of the finest materials possessing outstanding dimensional accuracy.  All ammunition supplied by the company receives multiple inspections and test firing.  CIC is also a supplier of chemicals, nitroguanidine, energetics, and other components utilized by the munitions industry.

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