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CIC is geared to servicing naval requirements in the rapidly changing naval warfare scenarios, evolving geopolitical conditions and the limited budget conditions now prevailing.  The company’s engineers meet those challenges by best augmenting, modernizing, and supporting existing assets through a broad approach leading to providing optimum technology at affordable costs.  CIC provides superb engineering and experience to contribute innovative solutions to surface warfare problems.  Support is afforded for ship hull, mechanical and electrical systems, surface ship combat systems, coastal warfare systems, and other offensive and defensive systems associated with surface warfare.  Weapons systems include shipboard missile integration.  Strategic targeting support includes fire control, targeting and re-entry systems.  Additionally, CIC has expertise in mines, mine countermeasures, mine clearance, amphibious warfare, active and passive signatures (includes submarine HM&E), ship electromagnetic and electro-optic reconnaissance, search and track systems, ship electronic warfare, surface warfare modeling and analysis, gun turrets, launchers and simulation devices.

The company has the capability to design and supply computer hardware and software to fabricate development models and test production units.  Fleet support personnel are available on-call to keep naval units fully operational.  Engineering changes are generated to enhance reliability, production ease and support.  CIC repairs and overhauls missile simulators, missile training shapes, avionics, and electronic equipment.

CIC can supply and support rocket systems, surface and underwater weapons, gun systems, standard missiles, torpedoes, warheads, explosives and other energetic products.  The company maintains an inventory of ammunition for naval gun systems for prompt delivery in the event a crisis should arise.

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