Night Vision

Leaders in Military Technology



CIC has integrated night vision systems to enable commanders to attain their objectives under nighttime conditions. Additionally, the company supplies 2 and 3rd generation devices: goggles (dual and single tubes), units for night surveillance (battle-field and frontier), vehicle mounted night vision devices and other applications. The brightness, range and other attributes

can be supplied to meet customer needs.

The instruments supplied are light, compact, and highly resistant to vibration and climatic fluctuations.  CIC has been instrumental in designs of night vision devices that reduce observer fatigue, achieve superior imagery in low and high levels with minimum bloom and streaking.  The company can supply units adapted for the battlefield, vehicles and aircraft.

The optical units supplied by the company include sighting equipment, range finders, target designators and surveillance instruments.  Many of these devices are also capable of night vision application.  Crew served and hand held sighting equipment is provided.  Wide assortments of state-of-the-art range finders are supplied; including tripod mounted portable laser rangefinders and vehicle mounted laser rangefinders.  CICís optical division also is charged with the supply and installation of training aids, simulators and test and measurement ranges (for large and small caliber ammunition).  The company has entered into cooperative arrangements with other high technology companies, which has served to augment the capabilities of CIC for specialized applications.

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